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pregnancy at a young age and how to prevent it

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The girls of today are taking the responsibility of taking measures without corresponding to what is pregnancy at an early age, that's why I, Juan Daniel, wanted to open this forum to talk about some measures that can be taken for prevention. of the same, and not only to the girls but to the government and to the parents who are in a core of blindness that does not let them see the reality they are going through.

These are some of the measures that the Dominican government and parents should take:

1. Keep all electronic devices monitored by girls, for better control of what they see.

2. parents should know who their daughters are with and not allow them to do what they say.

3. Parents should maintain a dialogue of trust with their daughters, especially with them entering into a stage of development of their adolescence.

4. The mothers who are the most trustworthy of the girls should tell her about the sexual orientation and about the consequences of having them at an early age.

5. In the schools, sexual orientation talks should be taught so that they do not develop with a taboo in their mind of what the sexual relationship is.

6. This measure is a bit dastric and severe at the same times, and is that in schools should be given condoms and anti-seizure pills to children so that they are clear about the prevention when having sex and about the consequences of having them at an early age.

Finally, I urge all fathers who do not care about their daughters that pregnancy at a young age is something significant in their lives and that it will not be the same after a pregnancy, let us realize together that childhood is a single and you have to live to the fullest, because it is the most precious stage that the human being can have.

Now I invite you to leave me in a comment what you think about pregnancies at an early age.
 What measures would you take with respect to this issue?  
watch this video that will help you understand more about the subject


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